5 gode grunde til at outsource MVP udvikling

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Imagine this: You have a great idea for a new product, you know you want to develop it and you know you have the capital for it. There is only one problem; You do not know who will develop it.  Web development can be a very costly affair, depending on what you are trying to create. This is why more and more companies today turn to the MVP method; where you create your minimum viable product (MVP) and work your way to the end product. Even though this does bring a lot of benefits to the development process, it can still be very costly if you yourself have to find and hire the right candidates for the job – especially if it is only for a fixed term project.  Outsourcing your MVP development This is where outsourcing comes in. One of the best ways to reduce the high cost of creating your new product is to outsource the development to skilled professionals outside of your company and country. A part from the cost reduction outsourcing your development also comes with a bunch of other positive benefits. 5 reasons why you should outsource MVP development  Project management is easier … Læs mere 5 gode grunde til at outsource MVP udvikling

7 succesfulde virksomheder der er bygget ved at outsource produkt udviklingen

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If you are considering outsourcing your MVP development, but wonder if it would be a good idea or not. Then have a look at these 10 companies. There exists many companies, small and large, who have used outsourcing for developing their projects. Below you will find a list of ten well known companies who all fall under this category. 7 Successful companies built with outsourced development: Slack A collaborative tool that makes it easy to talk and chat to your colleagues online. It was launched back in 2013 by four founders. In the early stages they chose to oursource parts of their app to MetaLab (read the story here).  Alibaba An online shopping platform, one of the biggest today, has a funny beginning. Because, in it’s early days the company did not have the right staff with the right skills to built a platform that could compete with the likes of eBay, so they outsourced it from China … Læs mere 7 succesfulde virksomheder der er bygget ved at outsource produkt udviklingen