10 reasons why small and medium sized companies need a website

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Should I have my own website? It is a question many smaller companies ask themselves. Maybe you think; No, my business is not big enough, and my customers do not have to buy my products online. The truth is, however, that almost everything today is becoming available online, and why shouldn’t you be able to compete there too? To give you an idea of why it is important for your company to also have a website, we have here collected 10 reasons why smaller companies needs one. Here are the 10 reasons why small businesses should have a website: Your business is never closed There are very few people who want to get up at work at 4:00 in the morning, or stay at work until 10:00 in the evening. A website, including an e.g. online store, ensures that you are never closed – without having to be at work. So besides that your company is always open, you also make it geographically accessible to people who may not live physically close to you. And just like that you have the opportunity for increased sales. You can reach a bigger market In continuation of the first point, by being online you can reach a larger market. As such you now have the opportunity to sell to people who are far from you geographically. Of course, this does not only apply to … Read more10 reasons why small and medium sized companies need a website

Are you also in need of developers?

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Is your business growing rapidly, and are you, like many other business owners in Denmark, missing a really good developer? Then you are certainly not the only one with this problem. Many Danish IT companies are in fact lacking good developers and programmers. In an article on finans.dk, from March 2019, it is stated that it is almost up to 3,500 vacant jobs that need to be filled, and this is just in Copenhagen and the Aarhus area. It is expensive to hire people who may be leaving soon There are simply not enough IT people in Denmark to get all positions occupied. Therefore, more and more companies have started to find workers from abroad. They spend a long time finding the candidates, and getting them to Denmark – which can be difficult enough in itself. Unfortunately, it happens that these new employees rather quickly get a lot of other offers due to the demand, and you can therefore not be sure to have your new employee for a long … Read moreAre you also in need of developers?

5 reasons why Outsourcing MVP Development is a Good Idea

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Imagine this: You have a great idea for a new product, you know you want to develop it and you know you have the capital for it. There is only one problem; You do not know who will develop it.  Web development can be a very costly affair, depending on what you are trying to create. This is why more and more companies today turn to the MVP method; where you create your minimum viable product (MVP) and work your way to the end product. Even though this does bring a lot of benefits to the development process, it can still be very costly if you yourself have to find and hire the right candidates for the job – especially if it is only for a fixed term project.  Outsourcing your MVP development This is where outsourcing comes in. One of the best ways to reduce the high cost of creating your new product is to outsource the development to skilled professionals outside of your company and country. A part from the cost reduction outsourcing your development also comes with a bunch of other positive benefits. 5 reasons why you should outsource MVP development  Project management is easier … Read more5 reasons why Outsourcing MVP Development is a Good Idea

7 successful companies built with outsourced development

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If you are considering outsourcing your MVP development, but wonder if it would be a good idea or not. Then have a look at these 10 companies. There exists many companies, small and large, who have used outsourcing for developing their projects. Below you will find a list of ten well known companies who all fall under this category. 7 Successful companies built with outsourced development: Slack A collaborative tool that makes it easy to talk and chat to your colleagues online. It was launched back in 2013 by four founders. In the early stages they chose to oursource parts of their app to MetaLab (read the story here).  Alibaba An online shopping platform, one of the biggest today, has a funny beginning. Because, in it’s early days the company did not have the right staff with the right skills to built a platform that could compete with the likes of eBay, so they outsourced it from China … Read more7 successful companies built with outsourced development

3 Reasons why it is important to have a manual in today’s complex work environment.

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If you are asking yourself: why should I create polices and procedures for my business? GUESS WHAT? the answer is easy… Because it comes down to saving yourself and your business tons of possible trouble with your employees and authorities. Without having clear documented practices to show your employees where they stand and what is expected from … Read more3 Reasons why it is important to have a manual in today’s complex work environment.

Why creating a persona is important for your website

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“Persona” is by now a word you hear mentioned a lot in the communication and marketing world. Persona has come to stay, with a good reason. It gives you the opportunity to help your customers navigate better through their journey. With a persona you can find out what challenges your customers have and thereby find possible solutions for them. Write the right texts for your customers Below you find the answers to what a persona is, why you should use it and how to make one. After these three points, you are well-equipped to get started with making your company’s personas. What is a persona? The word persona itself originates from the Latin language, where it describes the mask the actors in the Greek/Roman Antiquity wore in order to intensify the character they played. The way we use the word persona today is often in connection with describing a person’s character or personality – in marketing it is used to create a semi-fictitious guess for the ideal customer. Therefore, it is often called a “buyer persona” in inbound marketing as it helps a customer through the buyer’s journey. A persona is there to help you draw a picture of what challenges your customers are facing. Why should you use personas? When a customer enters your website, there is a reason why this person … Read moreWhy creating a persona is important for your website