Need to extend your team?
IT Outsourcing, our recruiters are ready to help you expand your software development team based on your company’s specific needs 

SDEX IT Outsourcing service helps you recruit dedicated and talented software developers to your team

In SDEX we stand out with our specialized software recruitment; we have a sustainable pipeline of experienced and highly educated software developers to work on our clients’ projects. Under supervision of Ministry of  communications & Information Technology


We offer you

  • Managed teams of highly experienced senior software developers managed by our Danish consultants and led by competent team leads.
  • Extended software development teams that help in scaling up and at the same time reducing costs. Those teams operate under your supervision and management without the need to go through the exhausting HR processes.

So, why hire SDEX’s software developers? 

First of all, you avoid spending weeks or months searching for qualified software developers. Meanwhile, you get quality software development with Danish delivery standards for lower costs, and you experience the following core benefits:

  • Well-educated Senior software developers with extensive experience
  • High level of involvement and alignment to Danish standards
  • Easy communication with clients in very good almost fluent English
  • Competitive prices compared to local Danish Software Development services

Are you interested in learning more about our IT Outsourcing services? Feel free to contact us!