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.NET developers

.NET is among the top most popular software technologies in 2021. Thanks to its resilience, developers as well as companies find it very efficient to develop a vast array of software solutions. Egypt has a large pool of .NET developers who specialize in either C# or VB.NET or both.

How to build an outstanding software project with .NET developers?

If you are planning to hire .NET developers, I recommend that you start by identifying your project requirements first. You also need to pick a .NET framework to be used. The .NET technologies contain a number of frameworks and tools that are used to develop custom software development. These tools include XAMPP, ASP.NET, and WPF applications.  The majority of .NET developers should be well-versed in the aforementioned tools especially ASP.NET. Outlining your priorities and needs from the beginning will help you pick the right candidate.

Build scalable development teams

If your project requires a group of developers or if you suddenly need a .NET developer to fill the skill gap, we make it easy for you to scale up whenever needed. You won’t need to wait for the full recruitment cycle to take place as we have a huge database of pre-vetted developers who are ready to start delivering code immediately.

Hire .NET developers on your own terms

We understand that it’s important for you to have direct contact with the developers. When you hire a developer with SDEX, the developers become a core part of your team. You manage their daily schedule and employ them on your terms. When it comes to performance and evaluation, we help you by conducting one-to-one meetings to evaluate performance and offer guidance and feedback.

Office support

Your developers work from our office in Cairo. They are given access to our community group on social media where they can exchange knowledge with senior developers and IT experts. Our HR and operations manager ensure they are having the best working conditions in the office and they have the access to all facilities and equipment.

Cost reduction

We have helped many companies over the past years hire .NET developers. The result was a huge cost reduction that reached up to 60% of the recruitment expenses. Hiring developers don’t have to be slow and expensive. And hiring an expensive developer also doesn’t guarantee good quality. At SDEX, we have found that quality software development can be achieved by picking the right candidate. Here’s how we ensure the quality of hires for our clients:

SDEX’s skills matrix

a competency matrix is a tool that helps visualize team performance and boosts the development of this team. At the beginning of our collaboration with clients, we have found it crucial to use a competency matrix to help assess the skills needed for a certain project. When forming a new team or adding new talent to the team, a competency matrix becomes useful for the following:

  • Understanding the skills available within a team
  • Identifying skills gaps
  • Assessing HR team in the recruitment
  • Visualizing the company’s long-term and short-term goals.

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