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Python Developers

Python is a very famous programming language and it can be used in several areas from web applications to data science, Machine Learning, and AI. We help you hire Python developers for your team who can solve many Python-based development tasks and projects. Our Python developers have extensive experience with various frameworks, including Django, Pyramid, and Flask, and are available in various seniorities.

When you hire developers with SDEX, there are no expensive middlemen. You lead your own developers, who become part of your team, while we take care of payroll, HR, and accounting for your developers.

Here’s how we select your Python developers

We have access to a huge database of pre-vetted and screened software developers. We test them for their technical competency, communication, and problem-solving skills. At SDEX, we pay great attention to the developer’s ability to communicate his mind clearly and we also check their English language competency to make sure they get along easily with your team.

Hand-picked developers for your business

During our strategy meeting, we go in-depth to understand your business and your core technologies. We spend time understanding your organization so we can hand-pick the right candidates.

We have many years of experience in recruiting offshore teams for Danish and Middle Eastern companies, and we go to the extra mile to find the right match. Within 2 weeks of our initial meeting, you will receive shortlisted profiles of potential candidates, which you can choose to interview.

Python Developers’ interview: Best practices

All the developers we send to you are pre-tested and screened for their technical competency and soft skills. We recommend that you conduct another round of interviews to further test their qualifications and to make sure they’re the best fit for your culture.

How to start?

Start by asking the candidate about their general knowledge of different programming concepts and data structures. Then you can test whether the developer possesses knowledge about the difference between depth-first search (BFS) and breadth-first search (DFS) and the 4 basic principles of OOP. We recommend that you also test your Python developer in the following:

  • Name 4 data types for example Dictionary, Set, Lists, and Tuples with the elaboration of each one
  • Iterators and generators in multithreading applications
  • Magic methods and GIL, as well as the difference between Python 2 and 3
  • Test in which design patterns the Python developer masters.

If the task requires framework knowledge, it is obvious to test the developer in different frameworks. For example, we test most of our Python developers in frameworks such as Django, and Flask.

You should also test the quality of the Python developer coding. We recommend that you give the developer a series of hands-on tests in the PEP8 guidelines so that you can assess what choices the developer is making and how user-friendly the code is.

As you can see, there are many ways to test your Python developer. We are with you all the way and evaluate with you whether the right candidate for your team.

Your software developer gets a thorough introduction to Danish corporate culture and work environment. We make sure that your developer becomes an integral part of your team from the very first day.

Your developer will be part of our office in Cairo, and we will provide office and IT facilities. We also take over all HR and payroll around your developer. Your developer gets free access to professional and technical sparring with our senior developers and becomes part of our working community.

A delivery manager to contact directly

Our delivery manager will be in contact with you directly and you can reach out to him for advice and support. As we have been in the industry for years, we understand the challenges and the benefits of outsourcing. We are ready to provide support whenever needed. We are also available if your software project takes a different direction or you need more resources for your software team.

Competitive prices

When you hire an Egyptian developer, you save a third of your recruitment expenses. This is due to the low cost of living in Egypt, so you get the same quality without financially breaking your neck.

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