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“Persona” is by now a word you hear mentioned a lot in the communication and marketing world. Persona has come to stay, with a good reason. It gives you the opportunity to help your customers navigate better through their journey. With a persona you can find out what challenges your customers have and thereby find possible solutions for them.

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Below you find the answers to what a persona is, why you should use it and how to make one. After these three points, you are well-equipped to get started with making your company’s personas.

What is a persona?

The word persona itself originates from the Latin language, where it describes the mask the actors in the Greek/Roman Antiquity wore in order to intensify the character they played. The way we use the word persona today is often in connection with describing a person’s character or personality – in marketing it is used to create a semi-fictitious guess for the ideal customer. Therefore, it is often called a “buyer persona” in inbound marketing as it helps a customer through the buyer’s journey.

A persona is there to help you draw a picture of what challenges your customers are facing.

who is your persona

Why should you use personas?

When a customer enters your website, there is a reason why this person has chosen to click their way there. There is something that has aroused an interest. In inbound marketing there is for that reason a big focus on understanding why they have clicked on the website. Therefore, you must begin to identify the challenges that the customer has faced – to which they chose your product or service as their solution.

Finding the answers to your customers’ challenges may seem a bit unmanageable. But you probably already have some answers freely available from your sales department. You should ask your salespeople, who have contact with the customers right from the start of the purchase, if they have noticed what the reason they get a sale is. What challenges have there been to which they have had the solution?

Once you have a clear picture of your customers’ challenges, you can start to create more targeted content on your website for them, thereby getting them through the customer journey as best as possible.

Two specific reasons why you need a persona

  • You are not objective

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine where you assume that YOU are your own obvious target group. You are, however, only one kind of customer, and you therefore have to create several different personas to be able to reach out to all customers, so your content not only matches your own perspective.

  • You are guessing

Do you know what your customers want or are you just guessing? The only way you can really know what your customers are looking for / want to get help with – is to ask them. As soon as you know the challenges they are facing, you can start making a more effective inbound strategy and increase your revenue.

Creating a persona will help your customers through the buyer’s journey

How do you create a persona?

Now you’ve come to the best point: to start making your personas. There are several different ways to get started with it. We here give you a list of things you need to make sure to find answers to when building your personas. This is what you need to find out:

  • Age: What age are your personas?
  • Gender: Male or female?
  • Geography: Where in the country does your persona live?
  • Education: Is your persona highly educated or unskilled, etc.?
  • Work: Are your personas independent, unemployed, a student or do they work for a large or small company? (be specific)
  • Industry: Which industry does your persona work in?
  • Role: What role does your persona have in the company?
  • Goal: What are your personas daily goals / tasks?
  • Lifestyle: What does your personas spend their free time on? What do they like?
  • Information: How does your persona obtain information? (google? Facebook? etc)
  • Challenges: What challenges does your persona have? What’s the biggest?
  • Contact: How does your persona prefer to interact? (email, phone, face to face)

tasks ready to write

If you have just started your business and have no customers yet, you can try to imagine how the perfect customer looks: who will need your products and / or services? Alternatively, you can also ask your network and friends to get some ideas. The best way to build a persona is always to be able to interview a customer, but we understand that it sometimes cannot be done for e.g. a start-up with no customers.

However, if you already have an established company, you can start by making customer interviews with existing customers. Remember to always ask them “why” to each point above – that way you will learn a lot about their behavior. At the same time, you can ask your employees what they think your company stands for and whether they have noticed what customers are asking for.

No matter how long you have had your business, you must continuously make customer interviews and / or customer satisfaction surveys. This can help you find out what your customers think your business is best at and where there is room for improvement.

Once you have collected the above information, you can start creating some personas. Do not be surprised if many of your customers have a lot of common features. This only makes it easier for you as it makes it possible for you to gather them under one persona.

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