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Evram Ehab Basily
Senior .Net developer

Software engineer specializing in back end development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming disciplines including ASP.Net, .Net Core MVC, APIs and MSSQL. Strong background in web development and architecture.

Education And Experience
Thiqah Business Solutions
Senior Software Engineer
  •  Work in various projects related to Saudi Arabia’s government and ministries, collaborating in Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision. 
  • Using top-notch tech in .net and front-end.
MCV – Mercedes Benz (Region leader in heavy automotive)
Software Engineer

·       Develop and implement business applications (Back-end), working with an international team and customers in Europe.

·       Contributed in multiple projects (TPManager, RM, CMS and DMS):

o   TPManager: Transfer Pricing taxation and accounting.

§  (Clients: Deutsche Post DHL, Deutsche Börse, Körber, Leoni).

o   ResourceManager: Food Waste Management System.

§  Contributed in building backend from scratch using .Net Core, using CQRS, Identity server and mediator pattern along with many more modern technologies. (Upgraded to .net core 3.1)

o   CMS: Ihr Office

§  Helped customer decrease end-of-month work by 95% by creating invoicing module from scratch.

Vezeeta (Up and coming startup, disrupting healthcare in MENA region)
Software Engineer

·       Develop and implement business applications (Full-stack).

o   Vezeeta.com + Doctors Portal: Helping patients specify and filter with more details by building features and refactoring/ modifying current functionality.

o   Reservations API: Serving as a centralized hub for synchronizing all communications between all Vezeeta microservices (Developed from scratch until production)

o   Doctors app (Cross platform, Crosswalk)

·       Helped decrease wasted development time by suggesting and creating a NuGet server, revised and modified solutions to use new NuGet server.

·       Initiated and created CI using TFS with complex process, bring build and troubleshooting times down to 4% of original.

·       Implement SMS notifications. (Redis with MySQL)

HITS Solutions
Junior Software Engineer

·       Understand requirements and create complex reports using MSSQL.

·       Design RDL reports for different clients.

Personal Skills
Problem Solver, out of the box innovato
Creativity, ability to design and architect solutions for complex problems and models
Ability to work around problems with innovative solutions.
Communications skills
Pleasant and cheerful personality, very proactive