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Mohamed Elbahr
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

Skilled DevOps engineer and linux administrator with solid understanding of networking, seeking to work in a challenging environment in a business company or organization in the field of IT system administration and software automation/architecting, where I can utilize my capabilities to advance in my career

Ibtikar Technologies
DevOps Engineer and Linux Administrator


  • Design and implement secure automation solutions for development, testing and production environments
  • Help increase system performance with a focus on high availability, resilience and scalability
  • Build and deploy automation, monitoring, and analysis solutions
  • Manage continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline
  • Collaborate with Dev teams to define CI/CD deployment process to fasten software releases and maximize efficiency
  • Implement industry best practices for system hardening and configuration management
  • Secure, scale, and manage Linux virtual environments
  • Design, develop and maintain solutions for operational administration, system/data backup, disaster recovery plans and security/performance monitoring
  • Continuously evaluate existing systems with industry standards, and make recommendations for improvement
  • Participation in 24/7 on-call rotations for mission critical web systems
Ibtikar Technologies
Network Engineer


  • Design and implement secure and scalable network using Fortinet/Sophos firewall appliance
  • Maintain network stability by performing network monitoring, analysis, performance tuning and escalate problems to vendor
  • Write and maintain network security policies and application control profiles
  • Design Network hierarchy to reach maximum resources and bandwidth utilization and satisfy employees’ needs
  • Basic and advanced configurations for enterprise network devices such as routers and switches (L2-L3)
  • Design, implement and secure enterprise wireless architectures
  • Configure and implement Remote Access Solution: IPSec – SSL VPN Develop and administer disaster recovery plans (TFS – Domain controller – public storage) using amazon S3 service
  • Implement SSO strategy to authenticate various company services through active directory
Retail and home site technical support engineer


  • Troubleshoot and track technical ADSL issues to provide customer service resulting in high customer satisfaction scores
  • Apply standard and advanced configurations for different network devices such as routers, access points, repeaters and EVDOs

• AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

• RHCSA Academic certificate

CCNA Validation ID : 1767197192

• RHCE Academic certificate

  • Bachelor Degree of Communications and Electronics Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University ( 09/2007 – 06/2012 ) 
Deep understanding and implementation of containers virtualization using Docker & Docker-compose
Experience with Git Version Control
Good understanding of SDLC
Configuration Management experience with Ansible
Implement/integrate with monitoring solutions (Zabbix, CloudWatch)
Automate and observe infrastructure provisioning using Terraform
Log aggregation (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana stack)
Release Engineering: deployment pipelines, continuous deployment using Jenkins, azure DevOps
Database administration (Mysql, MongoDB, Postgresql, Redis, MSSQL)
Web server administration (Nginx, Apache, Tomchat)
Scripting using shell
Architecting highly-available distributed system over cloud and hybrid environments
Strong implementation knowledge of different web application frameworks (PHP, ROR, Nodejs, ASP.Net, ASP.Net core, Java, python)