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Full Stack developers

With SDEX, you can get the best and most specialized full-stack developers for your team. We have full-stack developers of all seniorities and experience levels.

We understand how hard and time-consuming it is to expand your team with new developers. At SDEX, we take over the entire process, and you only pay the salary of your full-stack developer. There are no hidden costs and you only need to focus on selecting the right candidate.

Full-stack developers play an important role in development teams, as they can develop both front-end and back-end technologies, databases, applications, and DevOps. Below, we are sharing some of our knowledge on the must-have skills for a full-stack developer.

Professional full-stack developer for high-quality software development

Our full-stack developers understand the complexities of software projects and can move across all layers of a digital project. We match you with versatile full-stack developers who understand the issues and architecture of your project.

SDEX also takes overall HR, payroll and administrative processes, and it saves you time to focus on the most pressing matters in your business. We help you put together a fully functional team or individual Egyptian full-stack developers.

Outsourcing on Danish terms

SDEX recruits Egyptian developers for Danish companies. Egypt is a hidden gem when it comes to outsourcing and outstaffing of software teams. In fact, in 2016, Egypt was named the outsourcing destination of the year.

The most obvious reason why Egypt is one of the very strong players in outsourcing is their large talent pool of IT graduates. Every year, 50,000 IT graduates graduate from IT and engineering universities in Cairo, and this represents a huge unexplored talent pool of ambitious IT specialists.

SDEX’s full-stack developers are employed on your team, and you communicate directly with your developer – unless otherwise requested -. Your software developer will be employed on Danish terms and get a job at our office in Cairo. SDEX is a Danish company, and this also reflects our work environment and corporate culture in Cairo.

Discover how our client ‘Jayflux’ built a successful product by outsourcing via SDEX.

This is what you get when you hire full-stack developers with SDEX


Professional IT talents

We pre-screen all candidates in our database, and you will only receive candidates who 100% match your criteria. We will send you between 3-5 candidates, which you can choose to interview. The recruitment process is flexible and tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

Easy and fast recruitment

We have an established database of hundreds of software developers and engineers from whom we recruit. This means we can find the right full-stack developer within 2 weeks.

Flexible and scalable teams

Our own in-house project managers and consultants are experts in putting together professional software teams. Therefore, we ensure that your developers are up to date with the latest practice in software development.

Office facilities

Every full-stack developer you hire with us will have a full workstation at our Cairo office. There are good and attractive working conditions and good meeting rooms for meeting activities with your full-stack developer.

HR and administration

FYou only need to focus on growing your business. SDEX takes over everything else around your developer. We offer attractive salary packages with associated health insurance to the software developer’s family, which helps to maintain and motivate your full-stack developer to provide the best for your company.

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