Build your e-commerce store and start exposing your business to millions of customers  

 Fully customizable solution with a variety of features to help you provide the most seamless shopping experience to your customers.  

Start selling online. Gain more visibility and increase conversions.  


Most entrepreneurs are looking for small investment business ideas that have a great return on investment. In today’s digital era, there is nothing more rewarding than investing in an eCommerce business. Whether you are a restaurant, an electronic shop, or a manufacturing company, having an online store will help you reach a wider audience and sell more products round the clock. We help you launch an online store optimized for web and mobile. Our developers are well-versed in eCommerce platforms and specialize in various technologies such as Node.js, Laravel, .NET, Ruby on rails as well as HTML and CSS. We leverage our technical expertise to help you get your platform up and running with flawless integrations and a seamless user experience.  

 Develop an E-commerce website and mobile application from the ground up and customize it to meet your needs. Our eCommerce solution is suitable for B2B and B2C markets 

  • Supermarkets 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Electronic shops  
  • Beauty and personal care  
  • Home goods  

Discover why businesses like yours are choosing SDEX to build their E-commerce website 


High-level of customization  

Customize everything to create a convenient experience for your customers from the UI/UX of your website to dashboards and payment integrations.  

High scalability  

Prepare for the holidays season and never miss out on a sale. Our e-commerce product is designed to handle huge traffic, allowing you to invest in promoting your products to a wider pool of audiences.  

SEO optimization

Our eCommerce solution is SEO optimized to help you stay on the top of the search engine results and gain better visibility.  

On-going support for FREE 

We provide you with free of charge technical support for one year. Our developers are available round the clock to fix bugs and monitor any errors in your website.  

Digital marketing (Exclusive to selected clients)  

Need help creating a teaser campaign for your online store? Our digital marketing experts can help you build a marketing strategy to promote your products before, during, and after the launch of your store.  


Must-have features for your e-commerce website  

  • Ready-to-use API integrations  

Connect your online store with email marketing platforms, CRM, Zapier, and ERP. Streamline your marketing processes and get real-time data about conversions, leads, and products.  

  • Content management system  

Develop user-friendly pages, update product descriptions, add images and create automated email messages for shoppers.  

  • Ticketing system  

Personalize all your Interactions with customers using our live chat and automated email follow-ups. Manage and respond to customers’ inquiries with the ticketing system with minimum human interference.   

  • Secure built-in payment gateway  

 Provide your customers with a secured checkout process through an integration with your chosen payment gateway.  

Case study  

Creating a unified online shopping experience for BodyBlocks  

 Our client, BodyBlocks is driven by the concept of providing healthy and fresh food for their customers. Their vision was to build a one-stop-shop e-commerce platform that enables customers to purchase a wide variety of fresh food and healthy drinks. We helped them deliver a user-friendly website that handles the full cycle from food orders to shipping and delivery. Administrators are also able to track orders and delivery and build a customized dashboard that highlights only the most important data for the business.  

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