Seamless online payment integration for a catering
platform that facilitates user experience and provides a
detailed view and control over costs

Business challenge:

Ordr is a catering platform that enables companies to handle lunch arrangements. They wanted a tool that enables customers to log in to their catering system and customize their orders with the food they want. In addition, they wanted to build a tool that can be integrated with the invoicing system. This tool is aimed at businesses that want to have a seamless payment system as well as a detailed view and control over costs. It also helps remove all the administrative work from the catering providers so they can focus on what they do best.

What’s it in for you?

  • What was the business challenge of ORDR?
  • How our solution helped ORDR automate 40% of the manual processes?
  • How much did ORDR save by outsourcing their software development to SDEX?